Blue Wave Labs Website

It is a website for a computer software consulting company, Blue Wave Labs.

I created this website with my sister (a high schooler). Neither of us have ever been to a hackathon before, so this was quite an experience for us! I am brand new to Computer Science, and even newer to website development. I created and designed my first website two weeks ago, and I loved the project so much that I decided I wanted to redesign and code my dad's consulting company's website from scratch. He is a Computer Scientist himself and website design is not his cup of tea. My younger sister and I have spent the last 24 hours on this project. By far, the feature I am most proud of is the sliding internal links on the home page. It took me two hours and debugging and problem solving before I realized that I needed to add a function to my jQuery. I had never really worked with or understood jQuery, so this was a revelation for me and excites me about what I can create with jQuery in the future. Although we are not completely finished with the project (when finished, it will be fully responsive), I am very proud of all that we have accomplished with the site this weekend! Our website is targeted towards companies that are looking for software engineers who will do consulting work for them.

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