Reward Charity

donate leftover credit card rewards to charity

Donate using REWARD CHARITY.

A mobile website compatible with Capital One banking where you can use your rewards points to make a difference.

Don't just buy material goods with your reward points! REWARD CHARITY is a simple and effective method for donating to charities. It will maximize your donation and positively impact your community. REWARD CHARITY gives users the ability to use any amount of reward points to make a larger impact.

REWARD CHARITY will filter out charities and give you the top three most effective and responsible charities.

So why does this help banks? It is generally believed that the more information a person is exposed to, the more that person cares about an issue. But it is actually the inverse relationship. When there is fewer and more targeting information, then the person will actually care more. This means that it is more likely for Capital One members to use their rewards when exposed to this service. Likewise, REWARD CHARITY can also motivate members to continue using their rewards cards in order to donate.

Why would bank members want to use this service? Members often do not have enough points to claim benefits such as flights and hotels. REWARD CHARITY provides them with an outlet to apply their rewards and feel fantastic while doing so.

What we are most proud of:

  • We implemented and improved Capital One's Lo API in order to make it possible to track transactions and display data visualizations of previous history.
  • Our data visualizations are dynamic and respond to each user and their specific history.
  • We developed a simple user interface to make donating as easy as possible.
  • We designed a captivating design experience and made the displays beautiful.

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