Catch Some Zzz's!

Built on MIT App Inventor, a Java based platform, we have accomplished programming a multi-functional app!

You snooze, That was the inspiration behind our code. Being high school students , it's very hard not to notice the zombies that are roaming the halls everyday. You can practically see the drool dripping down from their mouths. Our target were these very poor souls themselves.

Catch Some Zzz’s is a multifunctional app aimed to raise awareness on the effects of sleep deprivation among students. The app has three main functions: a game like no other on the market that adds a playful aspect on sleep awareness; a calendar that allows users to input daily activities and coordinate how much sleep they would be able to get in one night; lastly, an information page giving statistics, tips, and updates to students and other related parties on the status of the their sleep and schedule. This app is geared toward busy high school and college students.

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