Say goodbye to being the broke college student!

This is an interactive website that helps you track your spending and set goals for yourself, rewarding you each time your goal is met! We were inspired by our peers, fellow college students. The website is targeted towards users trying to save and budget their money, and while college students are a big part of it, it is not limited to them. We wanted to think of a way to encourage people to save and budget their money in a rewarding way. Furthermore, we wanted to encourage user retention. With our points system, we think that users will want to keep using the service and at the same time benefit from it. We are most proud of our new-found knowledge in coding. Before Saturday, two of our three team members had never seen code before. Now, with the help of our more experience hacker and the various workshops, we have come together to create our very own website, which feels amazing. We are most proud of the feeling of refreshing your website and seeing the changes appear. Furthermore, we are proud of the fact that we incorporated Google Places API, JavaScript and JQuery since they were the most challenging.

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