Let's spark more conversations between men and women about technology and preventing sexual assault!

Let's Spark Some Conversations.

Our project seeks to explore the different types of conversations that men and women are participating in on Twitter. Are there topics that are unique to a gender or region? If so, how can we bridge these gaps and ignite conversations and collaborations between genders and across the country? Through twitter data mining, javascript data visualization, and use of the IBM Bluemix platform, we have created an interactive site that presents Twitter data in visually appealing infographics. We hope to enable users to find ways to connect with others who share similar interests. In addition to helping bring together people of similar interests, we hope our site can be used as a platform to start conversations about a topic in an area where interest in limited, bridging the disparities across gender and geography.

We have specifically focused on the topics of technology and sexual assault awareness and prevention, since these are areas where sparking conversations between genders is essential to change and positive progress. From our homepage, searching terms such as ‘tech’ or ‘sexual assault’ with initially bring up a bar graph indicating the number of tweets from men and the number of tweets from women related to these topics. From there, a user can click between other visualizations such as sentiment towards tweets. Additionally, search terms will bring up an interactive map of the United States. By clicking on a state, a user can find activities and resources related to the search term in that specific state. We hope you enjoy!

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