Fitness with a murderous twist, on your wrist.


GWAP Walk is a Pebble based puzzle game that tries to make fitness fun. Users are guided through a murder mystery and try to find the murderer by walking to the clues hidden in their surroundings.

Our initial idea behind using the Pebble was to create a great fitness application. With the learnings from the demo, we settled on the idea that fit perfectly for the Pebble with its amazing interface.


Our inspiration came from the love of mystery stories and fitness, so we blended these into a game with a purpose that will make walking around more fun.


They say one should walk 10000 steps a day to maintain good health. That's easier said than done. Games and stories are however, universally loved. We are attempting to combine fitness and gaming by incentivize users to walk more.


Our target user is a person who wants to incorporate more activity in their daily lives but keep finding excuses not to. Everyone who wants to hear a great new story every time or a person who wants to make their boring walks fun and especially people who love to compete in fitness competitions, this application is for all of them.


We love the fact that we created our very own algorithm for counting steps on the Pebble. It is something we were most proud of. Other features include:

  • Use of on-board accelerometer as a pedometer
  • Show challenges and clues as cards on the Pebble watch to gradually reveal the story
  • Vibrate watch on display of a new challenge or clue
  • Stand-alone Pebble watch game

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