User Stories for Women in Computer Science

Share your story, become role models for young girls!

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a talk by one of the female computer science students at my college. She talked about how there is a discrepancy in the percentage of males and females in engineering, and especially in Computer Science. She remarked that many girls tend to perform at a similar if not at a higher level in math and science at an early age. But when they get to middle and high school, they lose all interest in engineering or think that they are not good at it. I remember that when I was little, I used to think the same thing. I thought engineering and especially Computer Science was for boys and that I was not good at these subjects. Therefore, I think it is important to see female role models in such areas at an early age. Also, by allowing everyday girls to share their story and how they got into engineering, it'll help younger girls to follow their example.

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