Bye Bye Lines, we have SkipLine

Are you a person who is tired of waiting in long queues?? Bored of wasting time doing nothing but standing in a line?? Or perhaps you are an event organiser who is having a tough time managing disgruntled customers who have had to wait in the long lines. Guess what, you have arrived at the right place. Get ready to Skip the Lines!

We provide you with an application over the customizable smart watch-pebble. This app is a time-saver which helps to manage long queues effectively. It allows you to register for events before-hand using the pebble watch.

You would receive a token number which would be equivalent to your position in the queue. Ten minutes before the actual service time, a reminder is sent to you. The watch vibrates and displays a message with the estimated time left until your turn arrives.

We also built a web-app for the event organizers amongst you, to register your events and save your customers from the queue trouble. This will be available to all the pebble users in the form of an organized menu. For instance, hackathon organizers can register with SkipLine and pebble users can register for a hackathon on the day of the event by just clicking a button!

It so easy! So say bye bye to lines as we have SkipLine!

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