Count Pebble

Never lose count again with this Pebble app that is always "at-wrist"!

41...42...pause... Where was I? It is easy to get distracted while counting. Don't waste time by constantly having to restart; your Pebble can keep a count for you! Simply press the "up" button to increment the count. You can also reduce the count with the "down" button in the case of an accidental entry.

Your pebble with alert you when your preset "goal number" has been reached by vibrating. When you reset the count with the "select" button, your final count will be saved and sent to a website for viewing later. (In progress)

With Count Pebble:

  • A baker can keep track of how many cups of flour they have added in order to make the perfect banana bread.
  • A teacher can easily do a head count of the number of kids that returned to class from recess to make sure no student is left behind.
  • An event staff member can keep a count of the number of people entering a building to prevent a room from exceeding max capacity.

    If I had more time, I would finish the feature that allows you to send the final count number, and start and end times of count collection to your phone or a website when you reset the count in order to save the number for later. I would also make it so the user can specify a "goal number." When this goal number is reached, the watch will vibrate, indicating that enough flour has been added, or everyone is present, or no more people can enter the room, without having to constantly look down at the number on the watch-face.

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