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The watch was a revolutionary invention, allowing us to have time, literally, in the palm of our hands. The Pebble brings the watch to a new level through the integration of additional features packaged in a modern, stylish, but still familiar design. It is this quality that makes it the perfect mechanism for integration with PillPop. PillPop is an application that emerged with the elderly in mind. As the generation of baby boomers grows older, there is a growing need among families to manage and facilitate their care, but still cultivate a sense of independence. It allows families and caretakers to manage medication prescriptions through a companion website which allows the user to add or remove medications and review the current schedule. The website will generate a schedule based on these inputs and send alerts to the watch wearer when it is time for their next dose of medication. One applicable example is for elders in very early stages of Alzheimer's or those with a tendency to forget things. The self administration of medications by the elderly can often be affected by short term memory, they may forget to take their medication all together or administer the medication twice because they can't remember if they already took it. The PillPop app for Pebble would show a pop up reminder, beep, light up, and vibrate to alert wearers that a medication is due. When the medication is taken, the user will press the up button to confirm the administration.

As previously mentioned, the Pebble is a stylish, but still familiar design. While some elderly may be deterred from technologies, the Pebble, in it's most basic definition, is a watch. A familiar tool that anyone who has used a digital watch can feel comfortable with. Other devices marketed towards aiding the elderly may cause a stigma among this group. No one wants to wear a device that brings attention to them. PillPop on Pebble allows families to help take care of their loved ones while still preserving their dignity and independence.

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