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Reports rape through a mapping system and survivor self reporting.

We are college students at a tech school and thus partying to destress is a common aspect of life at our university. There is a strong prominence of fraternities and hence frat parties on campus. The recent rape case in Penn State University at a frat party was thus something that struck a chord closer to home. The jurisdiction involved with dealing with perpetrators in the crime and the trauma of undergoing such an ordeal at an institution like college becomes complicated and thus gets in the way of reporting and finding the actual numbers of sexual assault cases. We want to empower the survivor of sexual assault specifically at universities and colleges in the United States, ensure her story is heard and empower the general populous with real time data.

A key feature our team is proud of is the ability to map ongoing activity thus allowing for real time data recording. This would enable anyone at anytime in the United States to get updated information about sexual assault cases in their vicinity specifically in universities and thus show the alarming numbers of sexual assault cases that actually occur on college campuses.

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