Getting back in touch has never been easier!


After listening to Dona Sarkar's keynotes speech, one of our team members was inspired to create an application that simplifies leveraging your network. After meeting over 100 people in the past couple of weeks (yay hackathons!), added on different modes of contact (FB, gmail, linkedIn), Estella wanted an easy way to manage and keep in touch with all the awesome people she met.

How it works

inTouch is a web application currently locally hosted. On the site, you can manually add in contact information including the context of your introduction. If you navigate to another page you can view your entire database. There, you can sort by various fields. Also, you can easily send a message to one of your contacts.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us had no database programming or PHP experience. We successfully created a webserver using the raspberry pi and Google Coder, however, it did not support the mysql database we were implementing. Familiarizing ourselves with all the technologies took some time and we also were not able to connect our raspberry pi server with our web app or the IBM Bluemix Data Visualization feature in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In a limited time we learned to use technologies that we never worked with before. For mostof us we learned to use raspberry pi, php, web technologies, ssh, Twilio API, for the first time. It is amazing how much you can learn and what is out there! Huge shout out to mentors from Qualcomm, IBM, UNC!

What's next for inTouch

The ultimate vision is that it can be integrated with various social media networks so you can easily use the site once you add a new friend and also include options to reach out through there as well.

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