CarolinaNow gives you the daily academic and life updates you need, all in one place.

This past week, I found myself feeling anxious as I prepared to sleep. I quickly ran through the following day's assignment deadlines, meetings, and miscellaneous tasks in my mind, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was forgetting something important. Ten minutes later I found myself on my laptop with five tabs open--after painstakingly logging in to five separate websites: ConnectCarolina, Sakai, Careerolina, IMLeagues, and StudentLife. I perused my assignment deadlines, upcoming test dates, and intramural registration deadlines. I checked my scheduled interview on the university career services site and my RSVP for the marketing workshop on the StudentLife page. And finally I found the one-line notification that had so craftily disturbed my slumber: 'Cashier's Office Info'. I had to go and sign my scholarship check by the end of the week.

I returned to my now-cold bed and found myself once again unable to fall asleep. I could not believe how annoying it was to find out my commitments and deadlines for the following day. As I put my phone away for the night, I checked the weather on the GoogleNow feature. How convenient--a 2-second process.

And thus, the idea for CarolinaNow was born. CarolinaNow is a simple web-dashboard that gives you a brief summary of tasks and events for the next day. Rather than logging in to five sites and getting updates from each one, CarolinaNow gives you a simplified experience and links to other sites as necessary. The target audience for this application is university students at UNC-CH, but future versions will be accessible to other institutions. This current submission is the designed dashboard which displays linked events and tasks. The future direction of this project is to automatically synchronize tasks and events from university sites.

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