From Women to Women: visualize tech-company ratings

Technology is everywhere, but where are the women? Over the past decades women have faced an overwhelming amount of problems in the tech industry:

  • Unequal opportunities for men and women
  • Unequal pay
  • Unfair maternal leave
  • Scarce management opportunities
  • Scarce female representation in top leadership
  • Lack of support

As a woman in CS, it can be intimidating to delve into a male-dominated field, so our web application helps raise awareness in hopes of changing how tech-industries support women. It gathers data from the website inhersight.com and uses the Google maps API to provide an interactive map to show how other women rate companies around you.

Key Features:

Markers: Pinpoints each of the company's location
Info Window: When you click on a marker, an info window pops up, displaying the information about the companies
Color Scale Visualization: based on the data gathered, we set the color scale of the markers. For instance, green indicates a rating of 3.5 and above!
Filter: Integrates a filter that can show one or multiple color scales based on a check box input.
Zoom: When the user clicks on a marker, the map automatically zooms into the area.

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