BitchBuddy, the friend that bitches back. #finally

BitchBuddy is an online tool for people to release their frustration with the everyday annoyances they commonly face in college. Our inspiration came from our friends, our fellow classmates, and ourselves. Something all of us have in common is that we tend to complain a lot about trivial matters and often times people understandably don’t want to deal with our pretty issues. So we thought, let’s take out the two-way stream in this process, and just bitch at the internet instead- so many of us spend all our time there anyway. There is currently a gap in the market relating to devices that relieve stress in a similar fashion. BitchBuddy is more effective than many other types of stress-relieving technologies because of the level of user personalization and humor involved. The target users are students who are in need of an outlet by which to release built-up tension relating to school, family, exes, or roommates. It is a simple user interface that keeps the focus on the bitching, enabling for the most enjoyable user experience. We hope you enjoy the website and have fun bitching! #BitchBuddy

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