HelpMe Pebble WatchApp + Android App

HelpMe is an alarm system that notifies you when your loved ones' safety is endangered.

Do you worry about your children, your parents, or your grandparents' safety, that they will ever be in an emergency situation where they are not able to call or text you using their phone?

HelpMe is a alarm system that notifies you when your loved ones' safety is endangered. The Pebble watchapp and Android app work together as an emergency notification system that sends a text message to you with your loved ones' geographic location through his/her Pebble watch in several situations:

  • When your loved one has an uncomfortable encounter on the street (e.g. sexual assault or abduction), it may not be a good idea to take out his/her phone and make a call. However, he or she can hold the "select" button on their watch, and it will send his/her location to you.
  • Falling among older adults can cause serious injuries ( For example, they may slip in the shower, and have difficulties calling for help. This will trigger a dialogue, which asks whether the user wants to send an alert to his/her emergency contact.

We are most proud of the free falling detection. We use the accelerometer in the pebble watch to detect free falling, and use the free body diagram with data plots to calculate the threshold. We understand that swing one's arm quickly may also trigger the free falling detection. Therefore, we display a dialogue and ask the user whether he or she wants to send or cancel the alert. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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